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Modern Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchens are an integral part of the home, and it should be as functional as it is appealing. Keep reading to learn about the following some of the best modern kitchen design tips.

Think ahead about the functionality of the kitchen. Keep in mind that there is no ideal kitchen shape, and you can have it as U-, L- or galley shaped. However, you need to design your kitchen to be as functional as possible by planning for the sink, cook top and fridge, among other essential accessories you consider essential for the kitchen. The space between these components should also be enough to facilitate ease of movement in the kitchen.

Make enough room for storage. The common mistake that people make when they are designing their kitchens is not allowing enough storage space. Consider putting overhead cabinets up to the ceiling as opposed to leaving a gap in between which collects dust. You should also design your kitchen to have deep drawers to allow easier access to pans and pots. There should also be enough storage for various appliances to avoid having the kitchen countertops cluttered.

Design your kitchen to access sufficient lighting. Unlike the rest of the rooms in your home, overhead lighting might be insufficient in the kitchen. While working in the kitchen, you do not want to cast a shadow on your work space by having the light behind you. The light should always be positioned in front of you and should shine directly on countertops.

Ensure there are enough and appropriate power sources in the kitchen for new and relocated appliances. When designing the kitchen, you need to seriously put this into consideration so that you do not find out when it is too late that you do not have the right electric lines or gas. Measure the appliances you will be using in the kitchen to make sure that they comfortably fit into the spaces you have allocated.

The space and the surface of the kitchen should also be included during the design stage. Choose a kitchen surface that you can work on with ease. Remember, the grout between tiles can be hard to maintain while the stainless steel surfaces can be scratched more easily. Choose a suitable material for the kitchen surfaces and allocate enough work space.

Get a reputable kitchen design and remodeling contractor such as DZINE who is experienced and reputable at what they do. The contractor that you hire should be competent and affordable.

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